Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

052: Do You Know Your Sales WHY? with BRIAN J. HINES

June 16, 2021 Allan Langer Episode 52
Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails
052: Do You Know Your Sales WHY? with BRIAN J. HINES
Show Notes

You can't sell if you don't feel good, especially about yourself.

So is the message from this week's awesome guest, Brian J. Hines, a mindset consultant and creator of the Manifestation Mastermind as well as The Ally Group, to help you get clear on your gifts, your vision, and the mindset skillsets necessary to manifest your vision.

This week's episode is chock full of great eye-opening nuggets that will really get you thinking about what your real purpose is as a salesperson. Is it just to make money? Does money really buy you happiness?

Are you on what he calls the "Golden Hamster wheel of Sales?" Where the money just isn't enough at the end of the day?

So what can a salesperson do to find their why? According to Brian, you first need to figure out your “North Star” by asking yourself three questions:

  1. What do I want to contribute to the world?
  2. What do I want to experience?
  3. How do I want to grow?

Then ask yourself where you want to be in a year, considering each of the following six areas:

  1. Relationally
  2. Professionally
  3. Personally
  4. Emotionally
  5. Financially
  6. Spiritually

Let go of expectations and let your imagination run wild. When you connect with these six areas, you’ll feel connected to the process and your goals will make sense. 

Mindset is a critical part of the process. Life is all about what we choose to focus on. We’re hard-wired to focus on the negatives so we need to reprogram our minds and choose to focus on the positives. According to Brian, a daily meditation practice is the fastest way to change your state.

What’s Inside:

●       What are your gifts and how do you find them?
●       How to find your “why”.
●       Why is mindset so important and how do you change it?
●       How to reprogram your mind through meditation.

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