Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

056: You Can't Sell If You're Not Healthy - with JINLING YANG

August 22, 2021 Allan Langer Episode 56
Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails
056: You Can't Sell If You're Not Healthy - with JINLING YANG
Show Notes

How can a former CPA and someone who had to overcome a shopping addiction help us all to form lifelong, healthy habits?

Meet JINLING YANG, an exceptional "fitness habit coach" that is here on episode 56 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails to show us why you need healthy habits, how to start new them, and how to stick with them once you’ve started the journey towards a healthier life. Plus, we also talk about how to apply these principles to growing your business too. 

The life of the sales rep isn’t one that normally doesn't lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you do in-home sales or spend all day driving around for work, it can seem like a huge hurdle to start getting healthy.

Jinglin was no stranger to overcoming difficult obstacles either. A former CPA who struggled for years with a shopping addiction that was controlling her life, she found that by building good habits like reading, journaling, and other self-care activities, she was able to stop thinking about shopping because she was too focused on her new healthy habits.

She learned two important lessons during this process. First, building healthy habits is more fun than it sounds. It seems like it should be tedious or uncomfortable, but it almost never actually is. And second, building better habits can help you grow and change for the better as a person. New habits make you feel good, and they help boost your self-confidence too.

So pull up a chair and listen to the great advice on how to turn your health around while also running your business or your sales career, with the implementation of healthy habits.

What’s Inside:
●       Building good habits will help eliminate bad habits
●       New habits improve your self-confidence
●       How to start building better habits: start with 2 minutes
●       Tips for sticking with new habits
●       How your sleeping habits influence your eating habits

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